Welcome to FJH Football


                                                                                                                                                June 23, 2016


Cougar Football Players


                It’s time to start thinking about football!  In order to make it a great football season we have to start early.  I hope that you have had an exciting summer vacation.  To be eligible for the first game you must be cleared by Mr. Hovde and have attended 12 practices.    

You need to do the following things to be eligible to practice on the first day of football.


  This coming August 3, 2016 Pu­­yallup School District will move to an online system for the forms required to participate in JUNIOR HIGH school athletics. This system is currently being used for 9-12 high school athletes.


Electronic online forms are digitally signed by the parent and student, will be recorded as complete in the system database, and checked by the school Athletic Director when clearing athletes. There will be no need to bring these forms to the school for clearance. There is no log-in or account to remember. Parents will need to know the Student ID to complete the forms. The digitally signed forms are good for the 2016-17 school year and the 2017 summer activities. Ninth grade students should select the high school they are participating at, not their resident junior high school.


In order for 7th & 8th graders to be eligible to compete at one of the PSD junior high schools, the following requirements must be met;


Complete the digital forms found at https://puyallupschools.rankonesport.com ;

  1. Cautions, Considerations and Responsibilities

  2. Steroids Flyer

  3. Athletic Eligibility Form

  4. Concussion / Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information Sheet

  5. Parent Permission

  6. Submit a current physical examination form to the junior high school Athletic Director. Most physicals are good for two     years. The physical must be valid for the entire sport season.

  7. Submit a current baseline concussion testing form through ATI/Apple Physical Therapy if participating in football, soccer,     wrestling or basketball. Information can be found on the PSD website under Programs / Activities & Athletics.

  8. Pay the Athletic Fee ($40 per season) and purchase a junior high school ASB Card ($30). These fees can be paid in person with the school bookkeeper prior to athletic clearance, or by using the EZ School Pay system at www.ezschoolpay.com (a convenience fee is charged). In either payment situation, bring your receipts with you to the Athletic Director during clearance.

    Meet the minimum academic requirements during the previous semester. Student must have passed a minimum 5 of their 6 classes and have a GPA of 2.0 or higher. Students not meeting these requirements will start the season on academic probation.


    Once the above have been done you need to get a clearance card from the Athletic Director Mr. Hovde.  To get a clearance card you must turn in the forms listed above.  You must have a clearance card to practice or you will have to watch practice until you get a clearance card.  Mr. Hovde will be available to issue clearance cards on August 18th, 2016 (8 – 11a.m.) and August 19th, 2016 (8 – 11a.m.).


    Issuing of gear will be done on August 26th from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.   

  1. August 26th     8th graders will receive gear from 8 - 9.

  2. August 26th     7th graders will receive gear from 9 - 10.

    The first day of practice is August 29th  from 3-5pm.   (7th & 8th graders will all start on the same day)  

  1. Be dressed in shorts, cleats, and t-shirt.

  2. We will meet in the gym and then go outside.

  3. Be excited and ready to work.


    The football team will practice the following times.  (Aug. 29th 3-5, Aug. 30th 3-5, Aug. 31st 3-5, Sept. 1st 3-5, Sept. 2nd 8 – 10.   We won’t practice on Labor Day.  We will practice on Fair Day.  It is an important practice.  Practice on Fair day will be from 11:15 – 1:15.  Once school starts 7th & 8th. Graders will practice every day after school from 2:15 – 4:30 p.m.  We will do our best to honor your time and have practice end at 4:30 p.m.  Please plan to pick up your child at 4:30 p.m.  It is very important that your child is at practice every day.  We would like to see our athletes be safe and get the best instruction possible and that requires us to practice every day.  There are no activity busses until school starts so you must arrange for your own transportation.  Once school starts the students can ride the activity bus at 4:30 pm. (Monday through Thursday) Students are responsible for their own rides on Fridays.   The activity bus doesn’t take you to your regular bus stop but will get you in the area of your house. If you have questions you can check with the district about the exact bus stop.   Students may have to walk a little further but it will be good conditioning for football. 

    I am very excited about getting started on a great football season.  Be responsible and get everything done so we can start on time and make it a great season.


    Coach Anderson.