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FJH Construction Update Sept. 2
FJH Construction Update Sept. 2
Posted on 09/02/2022

Thank you for your patience and support as we near the first day of school amidst building construction. Our focus remains on in-person teaching and learning in a safe environment. We are extremely thankful that the ongoing construction allows for staff and students to be onsite in a safe and secure manner!  That said, cooperation of staff, students, and families will be paramount while construction continues, and school begins.    

Building Access  

Specific entry ways have been designated for students and visitors. As you can see on the map below, Student Entry 1 is for walkers and students arriving/leaving by car; Student Entry 2 is for walkers and bus riders; and the Office Entry is reserved for visitors and parents. Respecting the proper use of entry ways will ensure efficient access to the school and proportionate flow within the building.  

Pick-up and Drop-Off   

Note the green line on the map designating the temporary pick-up and drop-off zone.  There will be signage at the entry points on the first day of school, but please familiarize yourself with the flow of traffic prior to driving and/or picking your child up.
Ferrucci JH Construction


Ferrucci is unique in that we have many students who are within the walk- to-school radius.  This walking map below shows the safe route to school for a variety of surrounding neighborhoods. Student walkers are to use the entry point that is closest to your walking route.  Please review safe walking and biking tips with your child.  
Ferrucci JH Construction
Access to the wing of the school that is under construction is secure and not accessible to students. However, students may see or hear construction activity. Our focus is on safety and limiting disruptions to learning. You can help at home by talking with your children about respecting and avoiding areas under construction. 

 Please know that we are dedicated to consistent and clear communication as we address building challenges due to ongoing construction. Your patience and support is appreciated as we get closer to construction being complete.