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Updated School Supply List
UPDATED School Supply List
Posted on 08/14/2019

·  Spiral notebooks, (1) for each class

·  Highlighters

·  Pencil Pouch

·  Color Pencil Set

·  Eraser

·  Black or Blue Pens (6-12 for the year.)

·  Colored Ink Pen for editing and correcting (2-4 for the year.)

·  Notebook Paper, college ruled, 200 sheets or more

· 1/4” Graph Paper (Spiral notebook or 3 prong pocket folder w/ graph paper)

·  2 each Composition Book - 9-3/4" x 7-1/2", College Ruled – (Required for Science.  1 per semester.)

·  Ruler

·  Colored pencil set and/or crayons

*  Sketch book (no lines, blank pages)
*  Extra fine & fine tip sharpie
*  Watercolor set with brushes (around $2 at Target or Walmart)
*  Scissors
*  Glue Stick
**Ms. Bergeron will supply you with a special art kit with additional items.

Some classes may have additional supplies requested during the first week of school.

We have school supplies available for students/families needing assistance.  Please check in the Counseling Office.

If you have the ability to donate any school supplies, your donation is greatly appreciated and will be used solely to support students in need.