*2018 Textbook & 1:1 Device Return Dates & Policy
  •  End of the Year

    Returning Library Books, Textbooks, 1:1 Devices plus Accessories

    As you do Spring Cleaning this year please be on the lookout for Ferrucci library books or textbooks.  Keep the textbooks in a visible and central location until it is time to return them on June 12th, or 13th.  Return overdue library books or keep track of due dates on books not yet overdue in order to avoid fines. If your student has a fine please make sure they pay it before the end of the school year.  

    • All library books for all grades must be returned by Monday, June 11th.

    • All  Textbooks/class novels/1:1 device and accessories must be returned on June 12th and 13th  during their Social Studies class.

    • 1. June 12th  (Mr. Anderson's, Mr. Watt's, and Mrs. Kraft's  Social Studies Classes)

    • 2. June 13th (Mr. Baltazar's, Ms. Durham's, Ms. Crosby's Social Studies Classes)

    • All library fines need to be paid before Friday, June 21st  or they will be posted on a student’s eschool account.

    • All Textbooks can be returned after June 21st  to Lori Miller at ESC (302 2nd St E, Puyallup, WA 98372) on June 26th (8:00-5:00pm) or July 10th (9:00-6:00pm) or July 17th (8:00-5:00pm).  See Puyallup School District Textbook Return Policy below for items not returned by July 17th.

    REMINDER: You can access your student’s library account using the link below to the Destiny Library Catalog

    1. https://destiny.puyallup.k12.wa.us

    2. Select Ferrucci Junior High School  

    3. Click the “login” tab in the upper right hand corner. 

    4. Enter the student ID# and password (ask your child). 

    5. Click the “My Info” tab at the top. 

      ***This shows fines, overdue items, and any item checked out for this year only.***


    Puyallup School District Textbook Return Policy:

    Textbooks that are returned after the district summer deadline of July 17, 2018 will be owned by the student.

    Building administrators may elect to take the textbook back and/or waive the fine after the district summer deadline of July 17, 2018, however, the waived fine (cost of the replacement book) will come out of their own building textbook accountability budget—not the district budget.

    The building textbook accountability budget cannot be accessed by building administrators as it is managed at the district level. However, each building will receive a notice of how much money they have in their textbook accountability budget during the school year and when requested by the building administrator, office manager, or bookkeeper. If the building textbook accountability budget is depleted, the building budget will be used for paying for replacement textbooks.

    Students with outstanding fines may be excluded from attending the Senior Ball, 9th grade dance, or elementary field day per building administrator decision as noted in the Rights and Responsibilities part of the student handbook for 2017-2018: Rights and Responsibilities Handbook 2017-2018 under Instructional Materials: Students will be held accountable for returning textbooks and other instructional materials assigned to them throughout the year. All students are required to return their textbooks, library books, and other assigned instructional materials no later than the third Tuesday in July each year. The District would accept any items after this date but will require students to pay for the item because new instructional materials will have already been purchased. Elementary students may be required to pay for these items prior to their participation in the elementary field day and junior high students may be required to pay for these items prior to participation in the 9th grade dance. High School students may be required to pay for these items prior to participation in Senior Ball.

    Rights and Responsibilities Handbook 2017-2018 under Ninth Grade Dance: All fees, fines and disciplinary issues must be cleared prior to the dance.